Bring healthy cooking into the classroom.

We have developed two Just Cook teaching modules that you may use freely. One is designed for the Food Tech curriculum for years 7-9 and the other for the science curriculum years 7-11. They will help your students learn how to cook healthy foods and meals, with a full understanding of the health impact of their choices.

Just Cook Challenge
food tech
Years 7–9

The Just Cook Challenge is a a nationwide competition with prizes for students and your school. Students create a dish to enter the challenge, covering all of the steps including research, trial, and evaluation. 

My Food, My Future
Years 7–11

My Food, My Future has been created with the Liggins Institute and the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland to fit the science curriculum.  My Food My Future features an interactive supermarket where students can push their trolley around a virtual supermarket, select food and then consider the health impact of their choices.